Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer and The Livin's easy.

Yesterday was an amazing day, I took this attractive man with me to Hot Yoga, and I had the best view out of everyone in the class, so I am going to gloat about this for a good minute or two right now... (Gloats).

I could not harness my inner chi, so to speak, because Yoga yesterday was one giant giggle fest, and if it happened again, I would best not be complaining, because I havent laughed that hard in a bit.

I hung out with my friend Becky last night, which ended our night at Steak and Shake. However, before that, a website designer who lives about three minutes away from my house came over for a consultation about my website he will be designing for me, which made me ecstatic, considering im website illiterate

And earlier that day, I found out LADY GAGA AND KANYE WEST will be touring together while I was on my way to go to spin class with my mother. I need to see that concert and the JET concert, or else! Also, I found out that you can buy clip in bangs...So I took the liberty of ordering myself a set.

As for photography, I'm going to shoot some more portraits, and continue my work on pattern in the world, but this time digital, so I can get some colors and etc.

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