Friday, May 29, 2009

Two Hours To Go

So I am currently at the Admiral's Club, located at American Airlines, waiting to board my flight, which is at 8 o'clock. I am as antsy as ever to go back home, work out and sleep in my own bed. Even though I am sure my dog will sprawl out in the middle of the night, somehow taking over my spot, and I will eventually end up on either half on the bed, or on the floor, but it's okay because I love my dog, he is the best man in the world.

Let me just tell you though, 7 suitcases checked, and 4 or 5 carry-on bags, made me come to the conclusion I over packed, and that I need to learn how to under pack, because when I get home I am going to just have the *joyous* of times putting all of my things away.

After this long day, of a 4-5 hour drive from Savannah to Atlanta, and then a 2-3 hour flight from Atlanta to Chicago, I'll have almost a 4 month Summer to help me recover and enjoy from an interesting year.


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